Montreal Diamond District



The Bijoux Majesty magic we make happen every day would not be possible without our prime location in the heart of Montreal. Quebec’s largest city is a capital for brilliant jewellery in North America, and finding jewellery here means participating in a rich history of the diamond trade in this fair city.

Diamond District

Jewellery-related companies over time have naturally gravitated in one area so that doing business together would be easier and to increase competition. Like the Diamond Districts in many other major cities, Montreal’s diamond district, located at Phillips Square, is one of the best places to buy diamond jewellery.

Phillips Square

Centrally located in modern-day downtown Montreal, Phillips Square was not always so easy to get to. In 1810, when Thomas Phillips purchased the land that is now Phillips Square from Joseph Forbisher, it was in a wealthy residential area on the edge of town. Thirty-two years later Phillips’ widow donated the land to the city of Montreal to be used as a memorial to her late husband.

-kindedwardvii.jpgIt’s hard to imagine that this space, currently full of every type of store imaginable, didn’t see its first commercial establishment until 1878—but it’s true. Alfred Joyce has the distinction of the first business person to open a store on this square. He opened a catering business 3 years before Phillips Square first welcomed Morgan’s—a company that was acquired by Canada’s infamous Hudson’s Bay Company in 1960. To this day, The Bay is still operational and located in the original building, an architectural signature of the square.

King Edward VII Monument

The most prominent feature of the square is the monument to Britain’s Kind Edward VII. The bronze statue, designed by Louis-Philippe Hébert, was dedicated to King Edward in 1914 following his reign from 1901 to 1910. The King was not a stranger to Montreal, having visited for the opening of Victoria Bridge, named after his Mother Queen Victoria, when he was the Prince of Wales.

-the-bay.jpgPhillips Square Tower

1255 Phillips Square was built in 1949 to make room for gemmologists and jewellers to trade near one another and is known as Phillips Square Tower. The building was designed by Spence et Mathias in an art-deco style and stands at 11 stories. Phillips Square Tower has been home for Bijoux Majesty from the beginning.

Modern Day

Montreal is now known as a major urban centre as well as a financial and industrial hub. As one of the most northerly trade districts in North America, Montreal is known for its diverse array of high-end retailers—including jewellers—who push boundaries in their own, Montreal way.

Jewellers in this city follow trends closely and step out of the box to create trends of their own. Finding a perfect style match is easy here with the wide variety of options available. With traditional jewellers and artisans who are a bit more avant-garde, Montreal is one of the best places to

Bijoux Majesty

Bijoux Majesty offers a good mix of contemporary and classic jewellery. The family business was started by a father-son team who jumped on an opportunity to fill a gap in the market. By offering excellent-quality jewellery at wholesale prices, they were able to make great pieces more affordable for everyone. Keeping this principle in focus means that Bijoux Majesty can:


Purchase in higher volume to get better pricing  | Pass the savings on to the customer and sell more  | Get the best diamonds and keep quality as a key focus


With an appointment-only showroom in the heart of Montreal, the team is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Bijoux Majesty’s strong focus on values is why the business has endured tough times and why it will be a part of the Montreal Diamond District for many years.


Photo credits in order of appearance: Clément BelleudyPhilippe Du BergerPhilippe Du Berger, Daryl_Mitchell, Kris Krüg and Patrick. Photos have been cropped and resized for use on this site.