Toronto Diamond District

Toronto is known for its exciting, metropolitan vibe that draws in city dwellers and tourists alike. The fast-paced lifestyle of the largest city in Canada doesn’t just appeal to those of the urban scene, but makes guests from around the world feel as if it’s their home away from home. With all the beauty surrounding the city and its people, it’s no wonder that it has a reputation within the diamond industry for its luxury jewellery retail stores.

Among the brilliant tourist attractions and comfortable city elements, it also hosts the largest diamond exchange in Canada. Wholesalers and retailers alike flock to the beautiful city to buy loose diamonds so they can set and sell them in their own stores. Although these prices aren’t accessible to the general public, anyone that shops the wholesale pricing at Bijoux Majesty will soon appreciate the fabulous Toronto deals.

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Soon, we’ll be opening a Bijoux Majesty location in downtown Toronto.